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Things seem to be simple enough when the doors open and allow entrance into this stage of sexual performances, even though theres not much to the center screen, except for scheduling of when you can find group, swingers, one on one couples, etc.going live, but, the links to the left seem to be the best bet for checking out the action.They have a red blinking light directing you to the link of, live stream, however, when I popped in to see who was popping out of their clothing, what I found was approximately 7 different screens listed, 5 of which were not live, they were replays of older footage, which they do note these were replays, and then there were a couple of live installments that showed nothing but camera to camera darkness in different areas of the room, so apparently everyone had turned in for some slumber.Its nice however to have the replays to view, and I must admit, its pretty cool to see the different rooms of this house, set up with sexual intentions, with their foresight working nicely.

Ive not found anything that wouldnt fall under the category of raw passion, and that includes the solo masturbation footage, male/female, female/female, and also the group sex, where limbs wrap around limbs while everyone is in it for the orgasm!From the recorded events section youre going to find a massive amount of material filmed at one time from live lust held within their harem, mountains, heaven, girls, etc.rooms, and so far Im on page 233, and there is no end in site as of yet, so do know the amount of material will be outstanding.Im not sure just where to begin in explaining the fine highlights of Big Sister Live, but it would have to be in the realm of the premise itself.They have a house, with rooms of different themes, and people, amateurs, wander in and have some of the most wild sex of their lives, while its all being filmed for this site.

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Personally, I like the films from the igloo room, what looks like blocks of ice, made into a circled area houses the spot for their sexual endeavors, and with that much heat generating within an area thats suppose to be cold, well, we can either expect screams of ecstasy or .

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